Ukulele Chord Chart

Welcome to our interactive Ukulele Chord Chart, where you can easily find and learn how to play essential ukulele chords. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced ukulele player, this visual guide is designed to help you master the chords and enrich your playing skills.

Explore Basic Ukulele Chords

Chords C (Do)

C ukulele chord
Cm ukulele chord
C7 ukulele chord

All chords of C

Chords C# (C-sharp) = Db

C# ukulele chord
C#m ukulele chord
C#7 ukulele chord

All chords of C#

Chords D (Re)

D ukulele chord
Dm ukulele chord
D7 ukulele chord

All chords of D

Chords D# (D-sharp) = Eb

D# ukulele chord
D#m ukulele chord
D#7 ukulele chord

All chords of D#

Chords E (Mi)

E ukulele chord
Em ukulele chord
E7 ukulele chord

All chords of E

Chords F (Fa)

F ukulele chord
Fm ukulele chord
F7 ukulele chord

All chords of F

Chords F# (F-sharp) = Gb

F# ukulele chord
F#m ukulele chord
F#7 ukulele chord

All chords of F#

Chords G (Sol)

G ukulele chord
Gm ukulele chord
G7 ukulele chord

All chords of G

Chords G# (G-sharp) = Ab

G# ukulele chord
G#m ukulele chord
G#7 ukulele chord

All chords of G#

Chords A (La)

A ukulele chord
Am ukulele chord
A7 ukulele chord

All chords of A

Chords A# (A-sharp) = Bb

A# ukulele chord
A#m ukulele chord
A#7 ukulele chord

All chords of A#

Chords B (Si) = H

B ukulele chord
Bm ukulele chord
B7 ukulele chord

All chords of B

Our chords chart is organized into 12 blocks, each representing a different musical note. On this page, you'll find the basic chords for each note: C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, and B. Each block contains three key chord diagrams that are fundamental for playing songs in various keys.

How to Understand Chord Diagram Pictures

The chord diagram pictures above show ukulele chords fingerings. Fingering is the pattern of finger placement on the ukulele fretboard. The first ukulele string is shown at the top of the pictures. The frets are numbered at the top of the images.

  • The red dots indicate where you need to press each string to create a particular chord.
  • The long red stripe on the chord image indicates the barre technique - this means that all the strings should be plucked at the same time with one outstretched finger.

How to Improve Your Chord Mastery

  • Start Simple: Begin with major and minor chords, and gradually add more complex chords to your repertoire.
  • Practice Regularly: Regular practice using these diagrams can significantly improve your ability to switch chords smoothly and enhance your overall playing efficiency.
  • Explore Musically: Use this chart as a stepping stone to experiment with creating your own music or adapting songs to your style.

Understanding Ukulele Chords

Chords are built from the notes of the scale. For example, a C major chord is constructed from the notes C, E, and G. Knowing the structure of chords can help you understand how to play them and how they fit into the songs you play.

Improving Your Chord Transitions

Transitioning between chords can be difficult for beginners. To improve, practice finding common pressure points on the strings for each chord. For example, transitioning from Am to Dm involves maintaining the pressure on the 2nd fret of the 4th string. With time and practice, your fingers will naturally move to the correct positions.

Dive Deeper into Each Note

On this page, you are presented with 36 ukulele chord diagrams, which are sufficient to play virtually any song in the world in any key. While more complex chords may appear in some songs, you can often substitute them with simpler chords provided here. If you wish to explore all possible chords, including more advanced variations, simply follow the links "All chords of ..." to dedicated pages for each note. Each dedicated note page offers additional chord diagrams and variations, helping you to explore different sounds and techniques.

How else can you use this chart?

  • Visual Learning: Each chord diagram shows the finger placement on the ukulele fretboard, making it straightforward to understand how to position your fingers.
  • Quick Reference: This chart serves as a quick reference to learn and revisit the chords as you practice.

Whether you are practicing at home, teaching others, or composing your own music, our Ukulele Chord Chart is here to assist you every step of the way. Embrace the joy of ukulele by starting with these foundational chords!