5 Seconds of Summer - Try Hard: Ukulele Chords

Learn to play "Try Hard" on your ukulele with our detailed chord guide and lyrics. This page provides everything you need to play this song on the ukulele, including lyrics integrated with chords, chord diagrams, and a key transposer to match your vocal range.

Learn Try Hard ukulele chords and lyrics

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She's dropping out of school cause she don't need the grade,
The colors in her hair don't seem to fade,
  G#m                                   E
I get dressed up when I go out but she gets dressed down

She's seventeen, I told her I'm twenty
I couldn't take her out 'cause mum's got no money
It's stuff like this that makes me wish
That I could change somehow

G#m      F#      E
Sitting here at home, it's obvious

B               F#m
She's so out of reach,
and I'm finding it hard cause
She makes me feel, makes me feel,
Like I try, like I try, like I'm trying too hard,
      B             F#m
Cause I'm not being me, and it's getting me down
She makes me think, makes me think,
That I try, that I try, that
                       B F# G#m E
I'm trying too hard again

She's got a rose tattoo but she keeps it covered
I play guitar but she's into drummers
She's seen my face around
But she doesn't even know my name (Oh-oh, oh-oh)
I pierced my lip so she thinks I'm cool
I ripped my jeans and dropped out of school
I followed her around the town
But she thinks that I'm a weirdo now
Sitting here at home


G#m  E         B
But now, who knew?
      F#                  G#m
She's in the crowd of my show
    E       B
Nothing to lose,
       F#                         G#m
She's standing right in the front row
     E       B
The perfect view,
F#                 E
She came along on her own,
But here's something that you should know

You're so out of reach
And I'm finding it hard 'cause
You make me feel, you make me feel
Yeah, she makes me feel, she makes me feel


And again, and again, and again, and again
'Cause I'm trying too hard again
And again, and again, and again, and again
'Cause I'm trying too hard again



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