Adam Lambert - Master Plan: Ukulele Chords

Learn to play "Master Plan" on your ukulele with our detailed chord guide and lyrics. This page provides everything you need to play this song on the ukulele, including lyrics integrated with chords, chord diagrams, and a key transposer to match your vocal range.

Learn Master Plan ukulele chords and lyrics

This section will guide you through each part of the song, providing the ukulele chords placed directly above the lyrics for easy playing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, these elements will help you perform "Master Plan" smoothly on your ukulele.

F#                E      B             F#
You run away from everything that you fear
                  E          B      F#
So afraid, don't wanna be a part of it
                    E       B            F#
You see the fake in every thing that is real
You hate the paradox
 E         B
You put us in a box

We don't define what makes us right or wrong
Waste of time and we're just livin' it
I wanna see you, touch you, one-on-one
Won't stop until we're done
We've only just begun

F#m         A         E       B
We are the face of a new generation
F#m        A              E       B
We are the ones who have no reservation
F#m           A               E         B
Don't give a damn 'bout your cold calculation
Welcome to the Master Plan
G#                G
Don't care if you understand
F#m               E      B
Don't care if you understand
F#m             E       B
Welcome to the Master Plan

Your skin is burnin' at the sight of me
Your mask can't hide what you're thinkin'
Don't ask (Don't tell)
Just take what you need
I'm an open book
So go on and take a look


There's you
There's me
F#m         E
I feel your energy
D      C#
I hope you'll see
Things ain't what they used to be
Look at the face
Look at the face


Don't care if you under
Welcome to the master plan
Don't care if you understand



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Ukulele chord D


Ukulele chord E


Ukulele chord F#


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