Alabama Shakes - Rise to the Sun: Ukulele Chords

Learn to play "Rise to the Sun" on your ukulele with our detailed chord guide and lyrics. This page provides everything you need to play this song on the ukulele, including lyrics integrated with chords, chord diagrams, and a key transposer to match your vocal range.

Learn Rise to the Sun ukulele chords and lyrics

This section will guide you through each part of the song, providing the ukulele chords placed directly above the lyrics for easy playing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, these elements will help you perform "Rise to the Sun" smoothly on your ukulele.

Gmaj7   Bm7           Am7   D7
All I believe in is a dream
Gmaj7       Bm7               Am7       D7
I haunt the Earth though I am fully seen
Gmaj7      Bm7              Am7                 D7
In all my years I've never felt more sure than now
Gmaj7   Bm7                  Am7      D7
Well, I got to get off this rock somehow

Gmaj7            Bm7                    Am7
I feel so homesick Where's my home Where I
belong Where I was born
      Gmaj7                Bm7
I was told to go Where the wind would blow
        Am7       D7
And it blows away - away

Well, my eyes are full of stars
But I just can't reach 'em
Oh, how high they are
I got to believe what I'm seeing can come true
But in a modern world, that can be so hard to do

I feel so homesick
Where's my home?
Where I belong, or where I was born
Now, I was told to go where the wind would blow
And it blows away

I wake up, rise to the sun
I go to work
And I come back home
I wake up
Rise to the sun
I go to work
And I come back home



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Ukulele Chord Diagrams


Ukulele chord Am7


Ukulele chord D7


Ukulele chord Em


Ukulele chord G


Ukulele chord Gmaj7


Ukulele chord Gmaj


Ukulele chord Bm7

Here you can see detailed diagrams for each ukulele chord used in the song. Utilize our key transposer to adjust the chords to a key that better fits your singing range. Simply select the desired key, and the chords throughout this page will update automatically, ensuring you can play and sing comfortably.

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