Alec Benjamin - One Wrong Turn: Ukulele Chords

Learn to play "One Wrong Turn" on your ukulele with our detailed chord guide and lyrics. This page provides everything you need to play this song on the ukulele, including lyrics integrated with chords, chord diagrams, and a key transposer to match your vocal range.

Learn One Wrong Turn ukulele chords and lyrics

This section will guide you through each part of the song, providing the ukulele chords placed directly above the lyrics for easy playing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, these elements will help you perform "One Wrong Turn" smoothly on your ukulele.

         Gm                  Dm
I knew a guy, let's call him Jeff
         D#               A#
He had a wife that up and left
              Gm                 Dm
Last Thursday night, she saw his texts
            D#        A#
And she was mortified
          Gm                  Dm
It wasn't right, though he confessed
               D#                  A#
That, just one time, he called his ex
           Gm        Dm                D#       A#
She didn't buy it or accept when Jeff apologized
Cm       A#   D#  F
Now he's all alone

Gm              Dm
Something funny that I've learned
    D#               A#
Is just how quickly fate can turn
    Gm            Dm                D#        F
How one simple mistake can take you out (Out, out, out)
 Gm              Dm
Something funny that I've found
   D#               A#
Is just how quickly worlds burn down
     Cm                 A#              D#
Make one wrong turn and you can't turn around
('Round, 'round, 'round)
                    F                    Gm Dm D# A#
One wrong turn can burn things to the ground

I knew a girl, let's call her Jess
She took a drive to buy a dress
But missed the light as it turned red and ran into traffic
She took a right, if she turned left
She'd be alive, would not be dead
She'd have arrived, but now, instead
The end is tragic


But the thing you didn't see comin'
Is that Jeff was Jess' husband
        Gm                             Dm
And the ex he had to call is no longer into boys at all
It's all one big misunderstanding
Like dominos crash-landing
         Gm                                      Dm
Once the first one falls, they all come tumbling down
     D#            A#
And now he's all alone




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