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Learn Manhattan Skyline ukulele chords and lyrics

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We sit and watch umbrelas fly,
Dm                    A#maj7
I'm trying to keep my Newspaper dry.
  F                   Dm
I hear myself say "My boats leaving now"
so we shake hands and cry

 C          Dm             F
Now I must wave good-bye, wave good-bye,
wave good-bye,
F              A#
wave good-bye, wave good-bye,
G                      Dm
wave good-bye. You know

                   F      A#
I don't wan't to cry again.
   C             Gm   Dm
I don't want to cry again.
                 F          A#
I don't want to say good-bye,
   C              G   Dm
I don't want to cry again,
                 F       A#
I don't want to run away,
   C             Gm        Dm
I don't want to race this pain,
                     F    A#  C
I'll never see your face again.

Gm     Dm  F Gm           C       A          Dm
Oh but how,  how can you say that I  didn't try,
Gm       Dm            C
You see things in the depths of my eyes
 A                Dm
That my love's run dry, no

I leave to their goodbyes
I've come to depend on the look in their eyes
My blood's sweet for pain
The wind and the rain brings back words of a song
And they say wave goodbye
Wave goodbye
Wave goodbye
Wave goodbye
Wave goodbye
Wave goodbye

You know
I don't want to fall again
I don't want to know this pain
I don't want another friend
I don't want to try again
I never want to see you hurt
Don't let me see you hurt
I don't want to cry again
I'll never see your face again

How can you say that I didn't try?
You know I did
You see things in the depths of my eyes
That my love's run dry
I don't want to cry again

So I read to myself
A chance of a lifetime to see new horizons
On the front page
A black and white picture of Manhattan skyline



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