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Learn to play "Oranges on Appletrees" on your ukulele with our detailed chord guide and lyrics. This page provides everything you need to play this song on the ukulele, including lyrics integrated with chords, chord diagrams, and a key transposer to match your vocal range.

Learn Oranges on Appletrees ukulele chords and lyrics

This section will guide you through each part of the song, providing the ukulele chords placed directly above the lyrics for easy playing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, these elements will help you perform "Oranges on Appletrees" smoothly on your ukulele.

 Dm              C6
Water comes and water goes
  F              A#maj7          A
Where it ends up no one really knows
Dm            C6
Water rises, water falls
F                   A#                F6
Where it comes from no one knows for sure
    Em7              Dm G Dm G
It seeps from every pore

Dm               C6
We have seen the rain before
 F                     A#             A
Not like this - It's flooding every shore
 Dm              C
People come and people go
F                 A#                   F
I can hear their laughter through the door
     A               A#maj7
But no one's keeping score

Oranges on apple trees
Am7                   Dm
Birds that mate with bumblebees
A#maj7        C6
One big happy family
Am7           Dm     C6
Endless possibilities
A#         C
Oranges and apple trees
          Dm  G  Dm  G
(Yeah and more)

I see your face in front of me
You believed what no one else could see
I feel it deep inside of me
Everything we love shall be released
And everyone will see

(Oranges on apple trees) for sure

I used to be the only one
Not now since you've come
You and I have seen the signs
That's why we're running blind
We're running blind
That's why

(Oranges on apple trees)
(Birds that mate with bumblebees) yeah
(Endless possibilities) now

(Oranges on apple trees)
(All the things that we can see) yeah, yeah
(Multi-gender wannabes)

(Oranges on apple trees)
(Bugs that mate with bumblebees)
One big happy family
Endless possibilities, oh, yeah, yeah
(Oranges on apple trees (for sure)



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